Who makes the crayon case makeup?

Who makes the crayon case makeup? Viral social media influencer and founder/CEO of The Crayon Case Cosmetics, Reynell Steward, a.k.a. “Supa Cent,” sent the internet into a frenzy after dropping the prices of her viral cosmetic brand just in time for Cyber Monday.

Who is the owner of crayon? Jens Rugseth co-founded Crayon in 2002 together with Rune Syversen. He is a serial entrepreneur, having founded multiple companies in the IT sector over the past 25 years. He has operated as the CEO of some of the largest IT-companies in Norway, including ARK ASA, Cinet AS, and Skrivervik Data AS.

How do you do makeup with crayons? 

How did Supa start the crayon case? She documented her experience learning how to do makeup on social media — she often did her makeup on Instagram Lives and messed it up to have fun with her followers. That’s how The Crayon Case was born and that’s how she got the theme for her products.

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Why is Supa Cent famous?

Through her Youtube Channel, Wuzzam Supa, Cent is highly respected online for her transparency. She has shared her personal and professional journey, including cooking recipes, challenges, story time, and more.

Is crayon case trademarked?

THE CRAYON CASE Trademark of Wuzzam Supa LLC – Registration Number 5406001 – Serial Number 87515432 :: Justia Trademarks.

Who is Supa Cent crayon case?

Reynell Steward, a.k.a. Wuzzam Supa or Supa Cent, is not getting Forbes covers like the “self-made” Kylie Jenner but she’s one beauty mogul that everyone should know about. If you’ve seen her before, you probably caught her on Instagram.

When was the crayon case founded?

Raynell “Supa Cent” Steward launched The Crayon Case — a makeup brand dedicated to amateur beauty lovers — in June of 2017 with just seven products.

When did Supa Cent start her business?

When she started doing videos on Vine in 2013, they were so raw and unapologetic — people instantly gravitated to them. Supa didn’t care how people reacted because they felt where she was coming from.

What is Supa Cent boyfriend name?

A few days ago, she gifted her now fiancé Rayzor Breaux with a plot of land. Breaux is also an entrepreneur who owns a high-end New Orleans bar, Vogue Lounge. He also purchased a home six months prior and added Supa Cent to the title, which indicated to the Louisiana native that he saw their relationship as long-term.

What surgery did Supa Cent have?

“In 2020 I had a breast and back lift in DR,” Supa revealed in the since-deleted post. “The doctor lipo-ed my back so far down that it gave me a shelf at the top of my Butt.” Supa admitted to hating it and being “insecure” about the results of her botched plastic surgery.

What does Supa Cent boyfriend do for a living?

Like Supa, Ray A.K.A Rayzor is an entrepreneur or a “Bread Winner.” Ray is an event producer who owns an upscale New Orleans bar, Vogue Lounge. One of Ray’s best qualities, is his low-key personality and ability to make Supa feel true love. Being with Ray made her realize, “those other relationships were just lust.”

Where is Supa Cent new house?

3073 Sunrise Blvd, Slidell, LA 70461.

Does Supa Cent live in Florida?

In the brief clip posted on Instagram, Supa Cent proudly showed off her massive Florida mansion before walking over to the lot next door and removing the available sign. “You know what let me grab this one too,” she captioned the video, along with the hashtag #CheckMate.

Who is Supa new man?

See The Emotional Proposal. The Crayon Case owner and her boyfriend of one year are officially engaged and her reaction to his proposal is everything. Supa Cent (also known as Raynell Steward), is engaged to her boyfriend, fellow entrepreneur Rayzor.

Where is Supa Cent from?

On February 2, 1988, she was born. Raynell Steward is Supa Cent’s real name. The star’s pseudonym or web name is Wuzzam Supa Cent. She was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, and raised in the city’s seventeenth ward.

How old is Supa peach?

19 years (March 7, 2003)
Supa Peach / Age

How many children does Supa Cent have?

Supa, who also has a nine-year-old son, refreshes our memories with this hilarious clip questioning why her followers keep predicting another baby. At the time, Supa thought a newborn would “slow her down,” but clearly she had no idea what was on the horizon. Congrats Supa and Lou on your baby girl!

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