What is the MAC 190 brush used for?

What is the MAC 190 brush used for? This fan-favourite M∙A∙C 190S Brush has a flat shape with smooth but firm fibres that flawlessly apply liquid, cream or gel formulas all over face, with beveled edges that hug small crevices.

What is the MAC 170 brush used for? A brush that applies, buffs out and blends thick creams and liquids. What it does: Its round and slightly domed, slanted shape, paired with densely packed, luxuriously soft synthetic fibres, makes this brush ideal for applying, buffing out and blending thick creams and liquids with a smooth, even finish.

What is the MAC 196 brush used for? A velvety soft yet firm brush that’s ideal for applying, pressing in and gliding on any liquid, cream or powder foundation. Its slightly slanted shape with a flat top and short, dense fibres provides a highly controlled, qui

What is the MAC 134 brush used for? Large Powder Makeup Brush #134 – Synthetic Hair Fluffy Paddle-shaped Loose Compact Powder Bronzer Cosmetics Tool. Color: A brush that provides flawless application of powder to the face or body. An extra-large and wide paddle-shaped brush featuring a fluffed, rounded tip.

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