What happened Makeup Geek?

What happened Makeup Geek? COVID-19 reportedly impacted Makeup Geek severely. Makeup Geek, which heralded the rise of social media beauty influencers and brands, is closing down. In a message to customers, the brand explained, “We truly appreciate each and every one of our followers’ and customers’ support.

Why is Makeup Geek ending? As per a recent youTube video, the company founder Marlena Stell announced her plans to shut down Makeup Geek. Marlena states the closing as a result of the pandemic and supply chain issues. This wasn’t a choice she had planned to make this year but it seems like she was forced to do so due to the pandemic.

Who created Makeup Geek? Marlena Stell, 35, was a high school music teacher who loved makeup. About seven years ago she started a YouTube channel called Makeup Geek where she taught cosmetics application.

What is Sonic makeup applicator? The dermatologist-developed Sonic device works just like it does with a regular cleansing brush head, vibrating steadily to apply your product, but this time it gives you a smooth, seamless application of foundation so your skin looks perfected and remarkably natural.

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How do you use sonic blend?

Does Clinique have airbrush makeup?

This Airbrush Concealer from Clinique works by eliminating shadows, fine lines and wrinkles while smoothing and brightening your complexion. Its oil-free formula allows for easy application that leaves skin looking younger and healthier with a renewed glow. To use: Apply on clean skin or over foundation.

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