What do you mean by apron?

What do you mean by apron? Definition of apron

1 : a garment usually of cloth, plastic, or leather usually tied around the waist and used to protect clothing or adorn a costume. 2 : something that suggests or resembles an apron in shape, position, or use: such as. a : the lower member under the sill of the interior casing of a window.

What is an example of an apron? The definition of an apron is something that is worn to protect the front part of the body or to keep clothes from getting soiled. A pinafore is an example of an apron.

What are the different terms for an apron? 

  • smock.
  • cover.
  • pinafore.
  • shield.

What is the meaning of apron in Assamese? कपडे स्वच्छ ठेवण्यासाठी शरीराच्या पुढच्या बाजूवर घालायचा कपडा ⇄ apron.

What do you mean by apron? – Additional Questions

What is apron where is it used?

An apron is something you wear over your clothes to protect them from the mess you make while you’re cooking. Some aprons tie around your waist, while others cover your entire torso. Bakers, chefs, and butchers often wear aprons to keep their clothing clean.

What is apron doctor?

1. An outer garment covering the front of the body for protection of clothing during surgery or certain nursing procedures.

Why doctors coat is white?

White coats are worn chiefly for easy recognition by colleagues and patients, to put items in the pockets and to keep clothes clean. Psychiatrists and paediatricians try to maximize rapport with patients by deliberately not wearing white coats.

What are doctors white coats called?

A white coat, also known as a laboratory coat or lab coat, is a knee-length overcoat or smock worn by professionals in the medical field or by those involved in laboratory work. The coat protects their street clothes and also serves as a simple uniform.

Who wears white coats?

The white coat has served as the pre-eminent symbol of physicians for over 100 years. A child’s earliest memory of a doctor is the person in the white coat. Patients expect to be treated in doctors’ offices, hospitals and clinics by an individual wearing white.

Why do doctors wear an apron?

Protect self against infection from the surrounding and patients. – It marks an impression of cleanliness. – Protect patients against contamination from self. – White coat helps to maintain body temperature in the chilly environment of the hospital.

Why apron is important in hospital?

For Hygiene

They come into contact with body fluids, blood, excretions, and secretions. That is why aprons are included as part of personal protective equipment. Not only to protect the health care workers and patients against the contaminants but also to protect their clothing.

How do you wear a Dr apron?

It is advisable to go for the full sleeve apron whenever possible in the environment of a specific medical school. The full sleeve needs to have its length about an inch above the wrist. Meanwhile, the end of the coat needs to be in the middle of the thigh at most.

Why apron is used in lab?

Wear protective clothing that resists physical and chemical hazards when exposure may occur. Lab coats are appropriate for minor chemical splashes and solids contamination, while plastic or rubber aprons are best for protection from corrosive or irritating liquids.

What is chemical resistant apron?

Chemical resistant aprons offer the wearer enhanced protection against many chemicals as well as other liquids and hazardous or biological substances within hospitals, laboratories and many other industries where splash protection is a concern.

What is apron chemistry?

Be the first to review this product. Saviour Chemguard Apron is a high performance chemical barrier material manufactured by laminating Spun bounded Polyethylene to a barrier film coated by a protective polymer quality fabric for ruggedness and durability.

What is the difference between lab coat and doctors coat?

Doctors coats are usually the same cotton coats as laboratory coats. The whole aim of a coat is to stop hazardous materials touching the person. This is usually more important for lab work or where a mess might start like an ER, but many scientists and doctors will wear them just a s a sign of their job (for fashion).

Why do doctors wear GREY coats?

Whether they are working in a lab or field, scientific and medical professionals can protect themselves from biological wastes or chemical spills. A lab coat of any color serves two primary purposes: (a) to save yourself from harm, and (b) to protect their underclothes.

Why do medical students wear short white coats?

The short white coat worn by medical students and the full-length ones worn by most physicians is a long-standing tradition and a way for patients to identify the role of each care provider, according to Dr. James Feinstein, author of “Short White Coat.”

Why do some doctors wear short white coats?

Short coats (typically hip-length) are generally worn by medical students and residents. The lab coats are presented to students in a meaningful, symbolic white coat ceremony, and is considered a very significant event in the aspiring doctor’s journey.

Can a doctor wear a black coat?

The black coats that doctors wore in the past usually symbolized a serious and somber presence; black is closely associated with death in most cases! However, doctors chose black because of its practical function of hiding dirty and messy stains that go with the profession.

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