What are the factors affecting the choice of foundation?

What are the factors affecting the choice of foundation? 

There are certain factors that should be considered during the selecting the foundation.
  • Type of structure.
  • Type of loading pattern.
  • Location of the building (region of building)
  • Soil condition.
  • Water table level.
  • Types of material that will used in construction.
  • Lifespan of structure.

What are the factors affecting the selection of site? 

Four Important Factors for Site Selection
  • Accessibility. Any location you consider should be easy to access.
  • Competitors. Check for compatibility with nearby stores when researching a site.
  • Parking. Except for cities like New York and Chicago, parking availability is very important for your business.
  • Costs.

What are the factors affecting the selection of materials? 

Factors affecting the selection of materials:
  • (i) Component shape:
  • (ii) Dimensional tolerance:
  • (iii) Mechanical properties:
  • (iv) Fabrication (Manufacturing) requirements:

Which factors affect the selection of the demolition techniques? The selection of demolition method depends upon various factors such as site condition, type of structures, age of building, height of building, time period, economy and most important its location with presence of its surrounding with its structural ability.

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What are factors affecting the production of the construction equipment?

Factor Affecting Selection of Construction Equipment
  • Requirement of Equipment.
  • Operating Cost of Equipment.
  • Owning Cost.
  • Suitable for Construction Project.
  • Labour Consideration.
  • Selection of Machinery.
  • Brand and Model.
  • Availability of Spare Parts.

What do you think are the factors affecting the rate of operating equipment?

Based on analysis, the factors which affect equipment productivity are late inspection, condition of sites, operators efficiency and availability of skilled operators.

What are the demolition techniques?

Demolition Methods and Types
  • Interior Demolition.
  • Selective Demolition.
  • Dismantling/Deconstruction.
  • Total Demolition.
  • Mechanical demolition.
  • Implosion.
  • Crane and Wrecking Ball.

How do you choose a demolition method?

According to Abdullah [1], there are six main criteria and several sub-criteria that affect the choice of demolition techniques. The main criteria are: structural characteristics, site conditions, demolition cost, past experience, time, and reuse and recycling.

What is the demolition process?

Demolition is the dismantling, razing, destroying or wrecking of any building or structure or any part thereof. Demolition work involves many of the hazards associated with construction.

When explosion is used for the demolition of the building then this technique is known as?

Q. When explosion is used for the demolition of the building, than this technique is known as___
B. pressure jetting
C. push arm method
D. none of the above
Answer» a. implosion technique

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What are the three 3 methods of demolition?

Demolition Techniques
  • Manual Demolition: Manual demolition is also known as hand demolition.
  • Wrecking Ball Method:
  • Pusher Arm Technique:
  • Thermic Lance Technique:
  • Concrete Sawing Method:
  • Deliberate Collapse Method:
  • Pressure Jetting Method:
  • Bursting:

What is it called when you can’t knock down a building?

The term “implosion” was coined by my grandmother back in, I guess, the ’60s. It’s a more descriptive way to explain what we do than “explosion”. There are a series of small explosions, but the building itself isn’t erupting outward. It’s actually being pulled in on top of itself.

What are the 3 types of demolition?

3 Key Types of Demolition Methods
  • Commercial Demolition By Explosion or Implosion. To begin, we will tackle the most efficient method of demolition, the use of explosives.
  • Commercial Demolition By Hand.
  • Commercial Demolition By Machine.
  • Handling Commercial Demolition with Alpine Demolition Services.

Are there silent explosives?

Non-explosive demolition agents are also silent and do not produce vibrations the way a conventional explosive would, and are thus ideal for sensitive environments.

What is the land left behind after buildings are demolished?

The land is “derelict“.

What is the difference between demolition and deconstruction?

Demolition is simply crashing down the building; whereas, deconstruction is reusing and preserving the demolished fragments. It enables you to make use and recycle old materials.

What is soft demolition?

Soft demolition comes before structural demolition, and it involves removing all material inside and outside a structure that is not structural in nature.

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