How do you style a Wildrag?

How do you style a Wildrag? There are no rules to how to wear a wild rag. I often twist them around my wrist as an arm accessory! If you have a long one you can even twist it up and use it as a belt.

How do you put on a wild rag? 

How do you tie a simple wild rag? Basic Square Knot

Fold your square wild rag into a triangle. Pick up the wild rag and keep the triangle pointed downward on your chest. Bring the two long ends up, over, and around your neck. Just like you are tying a normal knot, take the right piece in your right hand, go over the left piece, under, and back over.

What is the purpose of a wild rag? The wild rag was historically worn by cowboys and cowgirls; as far back as the 1800’s. The primary use was protection from the cold, dirt, sun and wind. Way back when, these scarves were made out of anything a cowboy could find to cut and tie around his neck.

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Why is it called a wild rag?

“In the cowboy culture, we refer to it as a ‘wild rag’ because that’s always what it has been called,” I inform them. “The wild rag has many uses. Mostly for warmth, keep branding smoke or dust out of one’s face, as a pot holder around the camp fire, a tourniquet, blindfold a horse and a arm sling, or splint!”

Are wild rags warm?

(1) It’s a natural fiber and is naturally insulating. (2) Because it’s natural you don’t sweat when you wear it because while it does keep you warm, it also breathes. And if you’re working on the ranch, and you’re bundled up and get warm, and then sweat, well then if you slow down you just get cold.

Why did cowboys wear wild rags?

The very first cowboy wild rags were worn for warmth in cold temperatures, and for protection from sun, wind, and dirt anytime. In many regions wild rags are still a standard part of cowboy dress whether it be for work or social occasions.

Why do cowboys wear neckerchiefs?

When riding in the drag of a herd he pulled it up over mouth and nose to keep out the dust. In winter he might put it over his eyes to prevent snow blindness or to protect his face from icy winds and stinging sleet.

Do cowboys wear wild rags in summer?

But they are also fashionable accessories for the sophisticated rancher. For the working rancher, wild rags serve a vital purpose. During the hot summer months, a wild rag can be dipped into the cold water of a river and stay cool for hours, while in the freezing winter months providing heat around your neck and head.

Why do cowboys wear silk scarves?

There’s a practical reason cowboys prefer silk — it’s the most absorbent of all natural fibers, giving it excellent wicking properties. It’s also warmer than wool in the winter, and softens well with age.

How do you tie cowboy wild rags?

Windsor Knot

Fold the wild rag in half and, holding it by the tails, place it in front of your neck. Cross the tails behind your neck and bring them to the front to tie. Place one tail over the other. Wrap the top tail around the bottom tail and pull it down straight in front.

How do you tie a scarf like a cowboy?

What size is a wild rag?

Wild Rag Sizing: The standard sizes of MT Wild Rags are 36″ square, our second most popular size is 44″. We make Dog Wild Rags, 18″ Show Scarves, 25″ Baby Wild Rags, 30″ Child Rags and XL Punchy rags for the Buckaroos! Shipping & Delivery: Everything in our store is in stock and ready to ship.

How do men wear wild rags?

There are many ways to wear a wild rag: wrapped twice around the neck with the ends tied a square knot, draped loosely over the chest and secured with a simple knot in the back or a buckaroo knot tied in front, or fastened with a scarf slide (which is another fashion statement all its own).

How do you tie a winter wild rag?

How do you wear a wild rag in the summer?

How do you tie a cowboy square knot?

How do you make a wild rag shirt?

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