How do I get the mosaic on Merge Mansion?

How do I get the mosaic on Merge Mansion? You get Merge Mansion shrapnel when (after six hours) you break a vase (I). This also causes a pouch part to fall out. Alternatively, you get Merge Mansion shrapnel by breaking a ship in a bottle. After this, you can merge the shrapnel to make mosaic (I).

What is the point of Ignatius Boulton event in Merge Mansion? One of many Merge Mansion in-game events is the Ignatius Boulton event, where players can discover the story of the mysterious man, and earn Stone Cans. Who is Ignatius Boulton? That’s a bit of a secret, but each new merged item gives a bit of his back story.

Do you ever get inside Merge Mansion? There are no levels to pass in Merge Mansion, instead users will be able to unlock various locations where they can work to create new objects.

What is the fastest way to level up Merge Mansion? Despite having complete freedom to merge and combine as you see fit, the best way to progress in Merge Mansion is by completing the main story missions. These missions often request all sorts of objects, including low level items and materials, in order to complete them.

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What are the moths for in Merge Mansion?

By themselves, if left alone, Level 6 Moths produce 20 Silk per hour, up to 60, before vanishing. However, various levels of Moths are necessary to complete Moth Tasks in the 2022 Butterfly Event. Plus, Level 6 Moths can be placed in the Pool Toys for the aforementioned Casey & Skatie event.

What does the golden tree do in Merge Mansion?

This is not currently used for any tasks, but it is easy to get started on this item if you just collect the seedbags left over from getting the Flowers. It sometimes shows up in events. Sometimes called Money Tree.

How many levels does merge mansion have?

Currently the maximum level is Level 50 it is not possible to increase your level higher than this. The level cap will be increased in future game updates.

How do you level up in Ignatius Boulton merge mansion?

Levelling up: To level up you need to collect Ignatius Boulton, these are generated by the Garden Furniture items.

Event Gameplay Tips

  1. Since you can play the event multiple times, sell the number 9 bush to earn coins.
  2. Even if you’re not interested in the.

How do you get event experience points in Merge mansion?

Event Experience Points (EXP) are used to Level Up during the Event and earn higher Event Rewards when the Event is finished.

They drop from certain Items during an Event:

  1. Ignatius Boulton from. Ignatius Boulton.
  2. Lindsay’s New York Story from. Hotel Stay.
  3. Casey & Skatie from. Casey.

How do you get paint in Merge mansion?

You can get Toolboxes either from the shop or, probably more commonly, by opening Blue Chests. The boxes drop from these chests with fair consistency, so just merge them up to level 4 or more. Open them and hope to get the Merge Mansion Paint Can.

How do you get tin can in Merge mansion after update?

Fortunately, the Merge Mansion Tin Can still remains, and is relatively easy to get – provided you’ve progressed a bit. You see, you’re going to need the Garden Statue. As long as it’s at least level six, you can simply tap it to get Small Tin Cans, which you can merge to get Tin Cans.

Where does paint come from?

Paint was made with the yolk of eggs and therefore, the substance would harden and adhere to the surface it was applied to. Pigment was made from plants, sand, and different soils. Most paints used either oil or water as a base (the diluent, solvent or vehicle for the pigment).

How do I get a toolbox on Merge mansion?

  1. Parts for the Toolbox are strewn about the Garage in the beginning. More can be obtained from the Fancy Blue Chest and the. Shop.
  2. From Level 4 onward the Toolbox will give Tools, Screws and. Paint Can when tapped.
  3. The Drop Rate for. Tools is the highest. Screws drop one in ~10 Tools and Paint Can 1 in ~30. Tools.

What drops gloves in Merge Mansion?

Cobwebs. Cobwebbed Gardening Gloves are obtained by opening Simple Brown Boxes and Green Boxes.

What makes soap on Merge Mansion?

You get Soap by merging Toothpaste.

Where does the spring jacket come from in Merge Mansion?

From the second level Spring Tool Box, you can get Spring Tool Level 1, Spring Tool Level 2, and Garden Boots, aka yellow rubber boots. Merging two pairs of Garden Boots is how you create the Spring Jacket, which is basically a yellow raincoat. And that’s basically all there is to it.

How do you get candy Loli in Merge Mansion?

To get the Candy Lolly Bean in Merge Mansion for the 2022 Spring Holiday event, you’re gonna need Seed Packages. That is the third level of the Seed Sachet. When opened, Seed Packages drop one Cherry Tree seed, one Spring Flowers seed, and one Candy Lolly Bean, each of them level 1.

How do I get hatchling Merge Mansion?

Once you have a Bird Box, you need to merge it until it reaches Level 3. At that point, you can use this item to get several Level 1 Spring Birds, aka Hatchlings. You can then merge them to Level 2 (Chick), Level 3 (Owlet), and Level 4 (Owl).

How do I get the new flowers in Merge Mansion?

Making Peony Flowers in Mansion follows the same steps as all other components: you mix, merge, and multiply. To start, you’ll need Peony Seeds. These are dropped from level 6+ Vases. These Vases drop from the Drawer item.

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