How do I get rid of pigmentation between my thighs?

How do I get rid of pigmentation between my thighs? There are a few prescription ointments available in the market that can help lighten dark thighs. Such products contain active components including Hydroquinone, Retinoic acid, Kojic acid, Azelaic Acid, niacinamide, and others which lighten skin pigmentation.

How do I get rid of dark inner thighs in a week? 

The following are some potential methods a person can try to reduce or eliminate the appearance of dark inner thighs.
  1. Colloidal oatmeal and yogurt.
  2. Aloe vera.
  3. Rub potatoes on the skin.
  4. OTC creams and ointments.
  5. Prescription or OTC retinoids.
  6. Hydroquinone.

Why is the skin between my thighs so dark? Skin discoloration is caused by an overproduction of melanin, known as hyperpigmentation. This can even spread beyond your legs and into your groin area. Instead of avoiding a run or hiding from the sun, take advantage of a simple serum to counteract the problem.

What do I do if my inner thighs are black? 

Home remedies for black inner thighs
  1. Aloe vera gel. Aloe vera contains chemicals called aloin and aloesin that reduce hyperpigmentation and lighten the skin.
  2. Lemon juice and yogurt. Vitamin C in lemon may help in reducing hyperpigmentation.
  3. Baking Soda.
  4. Potato juice and honey.
  5. Wild Turmeric.

How do I get rid of pigmentation between my thighs? – Additional Questions

How do dermatologists get rid of dark inner thighs?

Treatment options for dark inner thighs
  1. Hydroquinone Bleaching. Skin bleaching is the most common and may be the first thing to start with to lighten the darker skin.
  2. Retinoids.
  3. Laser skin whitening / lightening.
  4. Chemical bleaching.

Why is the skin around my groin dark?

Acanthosis nigricans is a skin condition that causes a dark discoloration in body folds and creases. It typically affects the armpits, groin and neck. Acanthosis nigricans is a condition that causes areas of dark, thick velvety skin in body folds and creases.

Is it normal to have a dark private area?

You might have noticed that the skin on your intimate areas is darker than the rest of your skin. This is normal because the colour of our skin is not linear, that is, there might be variations in tone depending on the part of the body.

How can I remove blackness from private parts?

Make a thick paste of gram flour and water. Apply this mixture on the affected area and let it dry. Wash it off with lukewarm water and repeat this process 2-3 times a week for best results.

Does shaving your VAG make it darker?

The good news about shaving is that it doesn’t actually make hair thicker or darker, it just looks that way. If you want to avoid the stubbly look you can get from shaving, you can use depilatories or wax. A depilatory is a cream or liquid that removes hair from the skin’s surface.

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