How can I permanently lighten my dark circles?

How can I permanently lighten my dark circles? 

What your doctor might suggest for dark circles
  1. Skin-lightening cream. To lighten under-eye hyperpigmentation, a dermatologist might prescribe a skin-lightening cream with azelaic acid, kojic acid, glycolic acid, or hydroquinone.
  2. Laser therapy.
  3. Chemical peels.
  4. Blepharoplasty.
  5. Fillers.

Is dark circles curable? Yes, there are permanent solutions to dark circles. When you visit a doctor, s/he will look for the causes and your concerns and suggest the correct treatment. Some of the common treatments for dark circles are: Laser surgery to re-surface the skin and enhance skin tightening.

Are dark circles permanent? Dark circles are likely to become more noticeable and permanent with age. This is because as people get older, their skin loses collagen, becoming thinner and more translucent.

Are dark circles attractive? Researchers from Sweden and the Netherlands saw that people who slept for at least eight hours the night before were deemed most attractive with their insomnia-ridden counterparts guilty of having ‘droopy/hanging eyelids, red eyes, dark circles under the eyes, and pale skin. ‘

How can I permanently lighten my dark circles? – Additional Questions

What causes extremely dark circles under eyes?

Aging, genetics, allergies, lack of sleep and dehydration can all cause dark circles under your eyes.

Can dark circles be removed naturally?

How To Use Tomatoes – Mix a teaspoon of tomato juice with a spoon of lemon juice and apply under both the eye areas. Let it remain for 10 minutes or so, and rinse off with cold water. Alternatively, you can also consume tomato juice mixed with some lemon juice and mint leaves to get rid of dark circles.

Can dark spots be removed permanently?

Possible permanent side effects include darkening of an age spot, lightening of the skin around the age spot, or a scar. When a board-certified dermatologist performs cryosurgery, permanent side effects are rare. Microdermabrasion (procedure): During this procedure, a dermatologist will smooth away age spots.

How do dermatologists get rid of dark circles?

Fortunately, dermatologists offer professional strength topical creams, laser therapy and dermal fillers that can dramatically improve the appearance of eyes suffering from “dark circle syndrome”.

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