Can you make relaxed hair natural again?

Can you make relaxed hair natural again? The only answer to this question is “no.” “There really is no such thing as stripping relaxer from hair because once texture has been removed, you can’t put it back,” says Branch. “Any such process would significantly damage hair further.

How can I reverse my relaxed hair? 

What happens if you stop relaxing your hair? Clients see a major reduction in dandruff and dry scalp once they stop relaxing their hair. If you scratch your scalp often, even if your stylist bases your scalp, prior to relaxing your hair, you will still burn because you scratched your scalp before the relaxer was put on.

How long does relaxed hair take to go natural? Whether you decide to do a big chop or gradually grow out a relaxer, it’s going to take at least three to four months to start to see real change. For some, it may be a full year before you’re completely chemical-free.

Can you make relaxed hair natural again? – Additional Questions

Does relaxed hair grow faster than natural hair?

Hair growth rates are pretty much the same whether the hair is natural or not. Many see a difference in growth rate not because the hair grows faster, but because there is growth retention with lack of hair breakage, shedding, and loss. Relaxed hair is also capable of retaining growth.

Can I grow out my relaxer without cutting?

Physical transition: The physical transition is a process of growing out your relaxer. This means, instead of big chopping immediately, you will grow out your hair and the relaxer over a period of time to be defined by you. There really is not a limit on how long you can transition.

Should I relax my hair or keep it natural?

Natural hair can withstand chemicals and looks voluminous but often gets tangled. On the other hand, relaxed hair is easy to style and does not get tangled or look frizzy. However, it is prone to damage as it is chemically treated. Both natural and relaxed hair need nourishment, so a proper hair care routine is must.

How often should you relax your hair?

“I recommend anywhere from 8-10 weeks on average for touch-ups,” says Wauchope. While eight weeks between touch-ups is recommended, some may feel the need to apply relaxers more frequently.

Is relaxing your hair permanent?

Unlike Keratin treatments — which are temporary and wash out after about three months — chemical relaxers are permanent, and last until your hair grows out.

What are the benefits of relaxed hair?

Relaxer removes the kinks and bends from natural hair that are responsible for tangles and knots. Your hair’s new smoother texture means easier combing and less breakage from working out the tangles. Very curly hair has a tendency to shrink and requires stretching to unkink the curls and give you some length.

How can I grow my relaxed hair long?

How do I get my curls back after a relaxer?

Additional pro tips
  1. Keep hair pinned or tucked away during the growing-out phase.
  2. Make use of nourishing hair oils and masks.
  3. Sleep with a silk wrap or pillowcase to eliminate friction.
  4. Minimize the use of heat styling tools.
  5. Keep hairstyles on the looser side—tight ponytails will put tension on strands.

How can I change my straightened hair back to normal?

Here are some tips and tricks to help you in your journey.
  1. Ditch all the chemical relaxers and heat tools for good.
  2. Invest in ultra-rich hydrating conditioners, leave ins and a mild shampoo.
  3. Use a deep moisturizing hair mask for 20-30 minutes at least once a week.

How do I get my hair back to normal after perm?

If you want to undo the results of a perm, or relax a perm, wash your hair with Color Protecting Shampoo and Conditioner to cleanse and hydrate your hair, and to help relax your curls. Apply a deep conditioning treatment or hot oil treatment, cover your curls with a shower cap, and leave on for several hours.

Why is my hair still curl after a relaxer?

Causes of Under-Processed Hair

Rinsing your relaxer out way too early. Not smoothing the relaxer through your new growth. Coating your hair with too much product before you relax. Changing the relaxer you normally use.

Do relaxers revert?

Growing out Your Relaxed Hair. Allow your relaxer to revert if it wasn’t a thermal relaxer. Some relaxers, like lye-based relaxers, are not fully permanent, meaning that your hair will revert back to its natural texture over time. Depending on the type of relaxer you got, this could take 6 to 8 weeks.

Do relaxers damage your hair?

Hair relaxers straighten hair by penetrating the cuticle and the cortex layers of the hair shaft to loosen the natural curl pattern. This process leaves the hair weak, brittle and prone to breakage. It can even burn your skin, cause permanent damage to the scalp and lead to hair loss.

Why is my relaxed hair frizzy?

It’s possible that the fuzziness is due to a lack of moisture in your hair. Frequent conditioning is key for relaxed hair. Plus, don’t forget about protein. Hair that needs strengthening from protein tends to frizz; the hair cuticles don’t lie flat, but have lifted scales due to chemical and/or heat abuse.

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