Burger King Is All Set To Rock This Festive Season With A-Game

Burger King is all set now to start their A-Game by launching their festive deals lately. This burger giant is now offering most of the menu at $1 like the Whoppers for just one penny but with certain conditions. Customers can now get a full meal for just $6 and the King Box includes the choice of your burger entree, small drink, the small order of fries and two chocolate chip cookies. According to the officials, BK has decided to offer some of the classics into the King Box and customers can choose from the Crispy Chicken Sandwich, Whopper, Spicy Chicken Sandwich and 3 pieces Chicken Tenders as confirmed by the President of Burger King Corporation in North America, Chris Finazzo. The new $6 King Box includes the iconic entrees and also the delicious premium options which would outsize the competition amongst the other Burger Giants like McDonalds’s.  However, Burger King encourages the customers to download their official app to enjoy their one cent Whopper.

How Does the Deal Works?

Customers that are within the range of 600 feet from the McDonald’s restaurant they likely grab this deal just for a penny and get a Whopper using the www.mybkexperience.com. Upon successful ordering, the customers would get the directions to their nearby participating Burger King store where they can pick their order and enjoy it with ease. The officials have announced this deal on 4th of December and it would run through December 12 and each customer can opt for this deal once.

Not only Burger King is the creative chain that has launched this deal to maximize the downloads for their official app, but other giants like McDonald’s has also run a $2 fires promotion through their application and most of the deals are offered via the official application of the Burger Giants. In a bid to learn more about the customer tastes and offer them customized promotions Burger King and other Burger Giants are increasing the number of app downloads.

Burger King is now using stunts so as to get more customers and grab their attention and vie for their business. Moreover, the fast food hungry people are not loyal to one brand and hence to ensure that every order is being made online Burger King has made this move according to the Marketing and Sales Head of Burger King. It is because to win back the customers and retain a healthy relationship for years to come. Burger King has announced plans to upgrade their stores and included digital menu as well as self-order kiosks. Since their rivals have already applied for these promotions, they need to struggle a lot to increase sales in the initial phase.

It is estimated that Burger King comparable sales in the USA has slipped by 0.7% in the third quarter and in-store sales have been increased by 2.4% in the third quarter in McDonald’s. This has encouraged the burger giant to follow this idea and include digital menu and optimize the ordering of customers via their kiosks.


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